Maxima Launches Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling Feature

Maxima Watches, a watch manufacturer in India, has recently launched its new smartwatch in the market, the Max Pro X6. Featuring metallic casing with a premium ceramic feel back, the state-of-the-art smartwatch comes packed full of features that will delight the users who appreciate class and quality. Introductory price of Maxima Max Pro X6 for a limited time is Rs. 3999.

The watch boasts a big 1.7” super bright HD screen, topping 400 Nits for an incredible viewing experience, ensuring zero viewing problems, even on the sunniest of days.

Max Pro X6 also has a Bluetooth calling feature and comes with an inbuilt mic and a high-definition speaker. Maxima has spent several hundred hours in research and development to deliver best-in-class audio and mic receptions. The organization has also worked extensively on eradicating call drop issues to give its users a seamless calling experience.

This latest offering from Maxima is equipped with a high-performance Realtek chipset and allows its users to choose between a honeycomb or list style UI as per their preference. Moreover, the users can add their favorite contacts through the pairing app to directly contact them from the watch.

For those who like to keep a track of their health, the watch comes geared with an intelligent AI Sleep Monitor and SpO2/ Continuous Heart Rate Monitor as well. It also connects smoothly with the Da Fit app which provides accurate motion recording, sleeping details, and exercise analysis.

Talking about the launch of the revolutionary smartwatch, Manjot Purewal, Managing Partner of Maxima Watches, said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most advanced smartwatch, The Max Pro X6 with Bluetooth calling function. We always work obsessively on our products throughout the development process and with regard to the X6, our primary focus was to ensure a great smartwatch with terrific calling functions. So we left no stone unturned to ensure that the X6 has an excellent speaker and mic – which is a notch above what is available in the market in our target segment.”

“We have also upgraded our software to eliminate all call drop issues for a smooth sailing experience while taking or making calls. I am confident that we have successfully developed a product that delivers both style and performance and that will fulfill the expectations of our customers,” he further stated.

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