Matrix Launches New IP-PBX Called ETERNITY NENXIP50

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03 Oct 2022
Matrix Launches New IP-PBX Called ETERNITY NENXIP50

Matrix has introduced Unified IP communication for efficient enterprise connectivity through ETERNITY NENXIP50.


With growing customer needs and rapid technology changes, service providers, customers, and key decision makers are quickly adapting the breakthrough technologies to get benefit from better services and offerings at affordable rates. To embrace these technological changes, we are working effortlessly to enhance our Communication Platforms to meet the growing needs across all segments and industry verticals.

Matrix is declaring ETERNITY NENXIP50 as All Features available IP-PBX, so that our customers can take advantage of technology and feature without worrying about the investment.



NENXIP50 is a Tailored IP-PBX for the SOHO market segment. It is a small yet powerful, integration-supportive IP-PBX with seamless mobility that provides all business class telephony. It is a productive device, looks professional, and enhances customer service.

It is a true convergence of communication technologies with integrated interfaces for FXO (CO), GSM/3G/4G, and VOIP networks. NENXIP50 intelligently selects the most cost-effective route to place local, mobile, or long-distance calls and reduces telephony costs.

The device offers IP users up to 50, along with allowing customers to access other features which are now built-in.


Some FDAB (Feature Description Advantage Benefit) Analysis of NENXIP50

Universal Network Connectivity

Description: Avail PSTN, GSM, and VoIP Network Connectivity on a single platform


Advantage: No need for external devices such as Gateways or ATAs

Benefit: Investment Protection

LDAP Client Support


Description: LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol used by the system for accessing and maintaining information services for the distributed directory over an IP network. You can access the central LDAP directory of the organization using your system.

Advantage: No need to maintain a local directory

Benefit: Easy and Centralised Phonebook Management


GSM/3G and 4G-VoLTE Support

Description: GSM/3G/4G interface card to support calling over GSM/3G/4G-VoLTE networks.

Advantage: Mobile extensions through GSM/3G/4G mobiles


Benefit: Mobility Convenience

COSEC Door Integration

Description: Integrating TELECOM and COSEC systems will result in Building Intercom solutions, for commercial and residential buildings, such as shopping malls, residential apartment blocks, and gated communities. NENX can be integrated with COSEC Door Controllers over IP to allow or deny access through terminals.

Advantage: Unlock the COSEC door through SLT or Extended IP user terminals of NENX

Benefit: Door Access Convenience.


  • 50 SIP Users
  • 8 SIP trunks
  • 8 VoIP Channels
  • 4 Voice Mail Channels
  • 50 Built-In Mobile Extensions (Varta UC Clients)

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