Matrix Cellular launches Vodafone Sim Cards in India

DQW Bureau
18 Feb 2001
New Update

Matrix Cellular Services has launched Vodafone sim cards in India. Vodafone sim card acts as a communication link for international roamers especially the business community as single Vodafone card offers uninterrupted and highly cost-effective communication link across 121 countries spanning 267 Networks. 


Vodafone has network in six countries. Vodafone sim card offers one stop solution to all the problems like high cost, non-connectivity or call drop, unwanted calls etc faced by international travelers while using an international roaming card from a domestic cellular network.

Vodafone sim card carry a different number thus, denying the access to all those which are not at all wanted for. They are cost-effective in the sense that, as while abroad the local calls are charged at local rates because they are not being routed through India.

Matrix has a plethora of dealers across the globe to take care of their customers. It even provides the Analogue handsets for people moving to USA. Matrix has an exclusive tie-up with Vodafone for marketing their international roaming sim card in India and Matrix Cellular is the only Indian company other than Cellular Networks approved by Department of Telecom (DOT) for international roaming. 

According to Gagan Duggal, MD, Matrix Cellular Services, "The world is moving towards the system of carrying two sets of sim cards--one for domestic roaming and another one for international roaming. While in Europe, by providing an Indian cell number one discourages his overseas business partners to reach him, as calls routing via India is a major hassle for overseas callers. In such a case two parameters play a vital role, one is cost and another is non- connectivity or call drops."