Mastering the mystic sciences

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Whether this is your first foray into astrology and numerology or you're a

serious learner, this content should be just right for you. The readings and

explanations provided here might not be unique, but are informative, and show

you that astrology and numerology can be easy and fun

Most of us would have dabbed with some form of mystic, predictive arts. We

may have played the role of the diviner, the seer, or that of the questioner, or

as it most likely the case, a bit of both. This article is meant for those with

casual interest, it will take you through the basic principles of some of the

most common of these and will list software you can use on different platforms

to practice these arts. To believe or not to believe is your call.

Tracking the moon

The moon has an important role in all the mystic sciences, and is often

considered to be equal in power to the sun. The phases of the moon are also

considered important in astrological calculations. The day of a full or new moon

is of particular importance. For eg, you may be wearing crystals, that need to

be re-energized on full moon nights. What better way to this than with a moon

phase watch? Now unlike what you may think, this is a fairly common need and

almost any watch brand worth its name has a moon phase variant. A moon phase

watch is old news, and our recommendation is to go the software route.


Moon tool by John Walker

Moontool is a simple software that shows the current moon phase as well as the

dates for the next quarter and full moon. John Walker is one of the co-authors

of the popular design program-Autocad and a co-founder of Autodesk.


Astrology or jyotisha literally means the science of light. Indian astrology

generally follows the positions of moon, while western astrology focuses on Sun,

and hence the word 'sunsign'.

The basis of astrology is in the mathematical calculations based on planetary

positions and transitions. To that extent, astrology is highly amenable to being

captured in software. It is believed that positions and transitions of planets

influence your behavior and fortune. Given that future positions of planets can

be calculated, astrologers claim to predict the future.


The basic inputs required for astrology are the date, time and place of

birth, and based on this, the natal chart is prepared. The Lagna or the

ascendant is a very important concept in the Indian astrology. The first house

in the natal chart represents Lagna. The charts are drawn differently under

different systems of astrology.

Horoscope and predictions

The dictionary defines a horoscope as a diagram of the heavens, showing the

relative position of planets and the zodiac signs, or future predictions based

on this.



The first step to numerology is to reduce everything to an arithmetical

figure, a process known as digit summing. This involves taking the sum of all

the digits in the number, and repeating the process as necessary, until a

single-digit answer is produced. For a word, the values corresponding to each

letter's place in the alphabet (A=1, B=2...Z=26) are submitted.


Decoz from

Personal numerologist from


For Symbian series 60 phones, Numerologix from

TIME CHECK: You need to be a bit careful in using software that uses or

calculates time. For eg, Moontool tells you that the full moon in December is on

the 5th. But look closely and you will find that it is at 00:25 coordinated

universal time (UTC or Greenwich Mean Time). That translates that to

00:25+05:30=05:45 in the morning. Or in effect, the full moon night is the night

of the 4th and not the 5th.

(courtesy: LD)