Market optimistic about revival in JAS

DQW Bureau
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After a severe set back in the JFM quarter, the local IT industry is slowly limping back to normalcy. Although the AMJ quarter was not up to the mark for many IT players, the industry seemed to be looking ahead with all confidence to make a remarkable performance in the JAS quarter. Most of them have agreed that the market has shown all signs of recovery in this quarter (AMJ) although they were not able to make it 100 percent this time. Actually, the market has started to show downward trend from end of last year and the industry was worst affected early this year.

The local IT industry feels that compared to last quarter this was a much better period and especially this month there has been a real turnaround for many in the market. With this confidence, they are ready to take up the next quarter.

According to SK Hariharan, Branch Manager, Priya Limited, which deals with wide range of products (its own brand and other vendors' products), "The market was a little bit dull in April and May. But, in June, sales started picking up with corporates and institutions starting to buy.

The shortage of certain products like AT cabinets and AT motherboards had affected business to an extent but now everything looks bright and we are expecting a major boom in business in the next quarter."


The market feels the change in the State government has slowed down the business fairly and requests the officials concerned to expedite the orders pending for sometime now. They are also praying for enough stock availability in all range of products during the next quarter, as the market is set to boom. "Last year, the industry was worst affected by the RAM shortage in the international market. Although we had orders, we couldn't supply to the market because of the shortage. We hope it will not be repeated in the current year," said Hariharan. The Priya local office had achieved 75 percent of its target set for this quarter and is confident of making 100 percent in the next quarter.

J Ramesh, Branch Manger, SES Technologies says, "We had a comfortable quarter this time when compared to last. It all proves that the market is recovering and bad days would be over soon. But, the government spending on IT is quite sluggish and by the next month we expect some good orders from this area."

"We had made our targets for this quarter quite comfortably. Monitor segment performed outstandingly well for us and we project more orders from corporates and institutions in the next quarter," said Sandeep P Mathur, Branch Manager, Microtek International Ltd.


Adding to it, R Aravindan, Director of Compact Systems that is in to power conditioning solution, says, "We are quite confident that JAS is going to be a real big hit. There are lot of orders in the pipeline from corporates and institutions. But, AMJ was not that bright for us."

"Home segment played an important role in pushing this quarter quite fairly. More than 70 percent of business of the target set for this quarter came from home segment and we feel new brands and products have to be introduced to sustain growth in the tough market conditions," said B Krishnakumar, Proprietor, Sri Lakshmi System Products.

Sujit Singh, Country Manager - Sales, Apcom Computers, says, "For us, AMJ was a very dull period. Although, we have performed well in this quarter when compared to the corresponding quarter of the last year, we fell short of the targets set for this quarter. But we expect a very good business in the next quarter from large corporates and PSUs who are likely to go for more computerization programs. This quarter, OEM market has contributed significantly well."

S Sudhir, GM of Wellwin Industry says, "Our business is normal and we are reaching our targets comfortably in almost all the quarters. In fact, this time we have over done more than the projected figures for this quarter. Next quarter also we would continue to do well."