March: A ‘No Sale Month’ says Guwahati IT Distributors

Guwahati is the most IT business claiming city in the northeast. It is considered as the gateway to the six other sister states of the north eastern region.

Guwahati stands as the commercial capital of the north eastern state of Assam. It is the only IT hub in the region. Thus, the distributors claim no major recession or slowdown in the market.

The only gap which comes in sales is in the month of March. Talking to The DQ Week, some distributors shared the insights of the current market scenario in Guwahati.

Ankit Agarwal of Infotech International in Guwahati says, “We don’t go much for sales in March, this month is all about payment clearance.”

“We as distributors focus more on giving credits to resellers in March than doing sales. During this period of the year, we generally close all the reseller’s accounts and only focus on due payments.”

Sonu, an IT dealer in Guwahati says, “As it’s the closing of financial year, we try to clear all the dues in March, so that could freshly start the year ahead.”

Sonu is a dealer of IT peripherals in Guwahati.  Now he is focusing on retail also apart from wholesale selling.

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