Maple's 'Best Combo, Best Price' offer

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Chennai-based Maple Information Technology Hardware has announced the launch of its "Best Combo, Best Price" offer for the SOHO segment. The 'best combo' here is the MCK 800 multimedia keyboard and the SWW 23 single scroll mouse. And bundle is priced at Rs 775. The company has also unveiled a similar scheme for corporates, where the bundle includes Value keyboard and three button Value mouse.

"While buyers would have to pay a total of Rs 850 to Rs 875 to buy the two products separately, under the scheme for the SOHO segment, buyers would be able to save atleast Rs 100," said Raja Mukherjee, Manager - PR for Maple Information Technology Hardware.

"Maple is targeting the home segment with this scheme and is capitalizing on the fact that people would increasingly graduate from the traditional three button mouse to the scroll mouse," added Raja Mukherjee while explaining the objective behind launching the scheme for the SOHO segment. 

The offer is open till 30 June and Maple has set itself a target of 1,000 bundles for the month of May alone.

The ergonomically designed MCK 800 Internet multimedia keyboard supports Windows 95/98 and NT and comes with nine multimedia keys, 4 Internet keys, seven application keys, six programmed keys and an email indicator.

The SWW23 single scroll mouse comes with a four-way single scroll wheel function and is compatible with DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98 and NT. It also has a programmable scroll wheel button and interface PS2/9 pin serial port.

The universal Value keyboard in the corporate bundle supports Windows 98/2000 and ME. The low cost, high quality, ergonomically designed keyboard comes with power, sleep and wake keys.

The three button Value mouse in the corporate bundle comes with a four way single scroll function, a resolution of 520 dpi and supports DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98 and NT.

Maple's 'Best Combo, Best Price' offer for SOHO segment and corporates is available at the following places in city: Challenger Computers (8593223, 8593646), Lotus
Computer (8511332, 8566061), Genitek Instruments (8589940, 8589941), Supreme Computers (8416521. 8416522), Khazana Computers (8566028, 8515228), RM Computers (8510334, 8510335), Bohra Technology (8510868, 8594755) and Integronics Computers (8585143)

Patricia Sridhar

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