MANGLORE: IT waves taking Mangalore to new heights

The port town Mangalore is a rambling, green, friendly town that is a serene getaway, a little off the beaten track and ideal for those who want a slightly laid-back sort of vacation. The approach of Mangalore by road or rail is as eye-filling as by air, with rolling hills, verdant vistas, sparkling streams gurgling to rendezvous with the sea, and the smell of salt water getting ever stronger as the coast draws nearer. It is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

The exceptionally fine location of Mangalore on a narrow coastal strip between the towering Western Ghats on one side and the azure Arabian sea on the other has attracted settlers from afar. The city is virtually a Tower of Babel, with the sounds of several languages mingling on the streets. Mangalore is known for the industriousness of its people and natural splendor. The place also has a history of maritime activities. 

NIC District Computer
District Informatics Officer
DK Zilla Panchayath Office
Dakshin Kannad
Karnataka 575001

The landscape is dotted with tiled-roof buildings, topped with the famous Mangalore tiles made with the local hard red clay and built with laterite, a soft rock easily sliced into large building blocks. Some of the old houses even have elaborate woodwork.

Mangalore is also fast growing as an IT hub and the market has over 90 resellers competing in the space. Mangalore is predominantly a home segment market and over 50 percent of the business come from them. While the corporates account for close to 20 percent, the SOHO and educational institutions contribute the rest. As far as the industries concerned, major players like MRPL and MCF source products directly from the vendors. However, assembled have a major market share in Mangalore. Retail is also a growing concept here and many shops are setting up their showrooms to promote the retail business. The town also has some local PC brands in the market.

There are several places of tourist attractions in Mangalore. Kadri is another ancient historic spot in Mangalore. The Kadri temple dating back to about 1068 AD with its nine tanks, its square temple, nestling at the foot of the highest hill, draws to Mangalore hundreds of visitors annually. The Lokeshwara bronze statue of the Kadri Manjunatha temple is tipped to be the best bronze statue in India. On top of the hill King Kundavarma Bhupendra built a mutt, which came to be called

There are some stone caves on top of the hill, which are known as the caves of the

The city of Mangalore has been named after the famous Mangaladevi temple. This temple, also a tourist spot, is situated three kilometers away from main city area. This temple was built by the Ballal family of Attavar in memory of a princess of

Not much history could be found about this area though the local museum would be a right place to go for the history of this place.

Mangalore offers some excellent spots for daylong excursions. Dharmastala, situated 75 km east of Mangalore, has a number of Jain bastis including the famous Manjunatha temple. 

St Aloysius Church is situated one kilometer away from the city’s main center. The walls of the church are covered with the paintings of the artist Antony Moshaini of Italy. The church was built in the year 1899-1900. St. Aloysius College Chapel, an architectural gem, comparable with the Sistine chapel in Rome, is situated on lighthouse hill. The special beauty of the chapel is the wonderful series of paintings that virtually cover every inch of the interior roof and walls. 

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple of Mangalore is known as a pilgrim center and boasts of many sacred temples like
Sharavu, Kadri, Mangaladevi, and Kudroli etc. Out of these Sri Sharavu Sharabeshwara – Sri Mahaganapathi Kshetra is an outstanding, pious center of great illustrious history of marathon 800 years. 

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is situated three km away from main city area. Recently, this temple has been renovated and now it is one of the tourist attraction places in Mangalore. 

Sultan Battery is situated in Boloor four kilometers away from Mangalore the city. It was built in Black stones by Tipu Sultan to prevent warships to enter Gurupur River. Now the remaining part of the fort is called as Tipu’s Well. It is today a deserted spot but its construction is bafflingly exquisite. Although it is a watchtower, it gives the impression of a miniature fortress with its arrangements for mounting cannons all round. 

Dussehra and Sri Krishna Janmashtami are two of the festivals that are celebrated with notable festivity and enthusiasm in Mangalore. Sri Krishna Janmashtami witnesses the exuberant enactment of the God’s childhood endeavors to steal butter and curd from earthen pots beyond his reach. 

Tiger Dance is a unique form of folk dance in Dakshina Kannada that fascinates the young and the old alike. Since tiger is considered as the favored carrier of Goddess Sharada (the deity in whose honor Dussehra is celebrated), this dance is performed during the Dussehra celebration. It is also performed during other festivals like Krishna Janmashtami. 

Aati festival is also one of the festivals especially celebrated in Mangalore. Aatikalañja is a ritualistic folk dance performed by the Nalke community. Kalañja is the name of a minor spirit who is in charge of the protection of the village folk during the month of July-August rainy season. And that was Aati (Tulu for the month of Aashadha), wherein, according to the Hindu almanac, nature was at her vicious best.

The Indian city of Mangalore is easily accessible through air, road and rail from the other major Indian cities and states. 

The multi-dialect people here majorly speak Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

Being in the tropical region of the country, Mangalore has a languid tropical atmosphere, hot and humid during summer and comfortably cold during winter season. Winter is the best time to visit this place as the humidity during summer makes traveling uncomfortable. Thus, cotton clothing is apt for summers and woolens are required for winters in Mangalore.

Major Resellers

Mallikatta Communication Center
Tel: 0824-445463/410293

Mahamayee Infotech
G-4 Sterling Chambers
Kalakunj Road
Mangalore 3
Tel: 0824-493727

Computer Club
Near Unity Hospital
Tel: 0824-427998

Opp. Wenlock Hospital
Tel: 0824-440088

Computer Renaissance
Sukh Nivar
Britto Road
Tel: 0824-447571/446443

Allied Electronics
Panchami Complex
Tel: 0824-218148

Microtek Systems and Services
Nalapad Building
Mangalore 3
Tel: 0824-217396

Electrotech Systems
Mahalakshmi Damodhar Building
Mangalore 6
Tel: 0824-456344

Shop # 4, Basement
Adonai Tower
Highland Main Road
Mangalore 2
Tel: 0824-432211

Key-Strokes Inc
Second Floor
Regal Towers
Near KSRTC Bus Stand
Tel: 0824-222829

C-Net Systems
Fourth Floor
PVS circle
Sanu Palace
Tel: 0824-495142

Emdees Marketing
Remliz Kottara
Tel: 0824-458436

Indus Computer Systems
Fourth Floor, GHS Centenary Building
GHS Road
Tel: 0824-442863/441824

Silicon Systems
First Floor
Al-Rahaba Center
Near Lady Goshen Bus Stop
Maidan Road
Mangalore 1
Tel: 0824-443668

Spectrum Technologies
First Floor, Golden Arcade
MG Road
Mangalore 3
Tel: 0824-495902

Binary Systems
Second Floor, Mahendra Arcade
Tel: 0824-492000

Near Bendoorwell Circle
Mangalore 2
Tel: 0824-222501

Partek Computers
# 4 PSS Centenary Building
KR Rao Road
Tel: 0824-495165

Net-Link Computers
Kuloor Ferry Road
Mangalore 3
Tel: 0824-493237

Alfa Systems
First Floor, Vatapuresh Building
NG Road
Tel: 0824-457488

Digital Systems
# 312 Kunil Complex
Mangalore 2
Tel: 0824-437749

San Marketing
Shop # 10, Shivagiri Complex
Mangalore 3
Tel: 0824-491619

Soft Media
First Floor, Ashwini
Mannagudda Main Road
Mangalore 1
Tel: 0824-456628

Essess Computech
Ground Floor, Jyothi Complex
Near Boloor Nursing Home
Urwa Stores
Mangalore 6
Tel: 0824-451565

Shree Systems
Second Floor, Opal Complex
Opp. Bejai Church Hall
Tel: 0824-218521

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