Make Your Friendship Day A Gadgets Day!!

How about celebrating this Friendships Day by gifting some cool gadgets to your best friends? C’mon they do deserve at least this much. Gone are the days when we used to buy dozens of friendship bands and then tie them to every second person. And at the top of that compete with one another on the number of bands on our wrists. Why not change the trend (just like market trends) and compete with each other on the maximum number of gadgets that you get? It does sound cool, doesn’t it? Let us make it simpler for everyone by giving an idea of what can be gifted to your childhood friends. Shout out to all the gadget freak friends for they will have the best Friendships Day this year (only if you’ve got techie friends).

Audio Gadgets

We all have at least one friend who loves music and basically lives for music. How about gifting them a hands-free or a wireless Bluetooth speaker and have their love and blessings forever? Amkette Amkette-Metal-bluetooth speaker Well, brands today have come up with super cool Bluetooth speakers with some amazing features at pocket friendly prices. What’s more? They also have hands-free in their kitty with good audio quality and again, at a price much lower than what others offer with almost same features. So go grab something that best suits the taste of your friend and make the day special for them.

Gaming Gadgets

The segment itself can make anyone jump from their seat with excitement. You would want someone to gift you a gaming gadget yourself which would make your weekends a gaming hub for all the friends. With a lot of new technologies in the gaming segment like smartphone gamepads, gaming wheels, virtual reality (Pokemon Go), the gadgets are like dream come true for gamers and non-gamers both.

Amkette Gamepad pro 2

Amkette Gamepad pro 2

Brands like Amkette and Logitech come up with gaming gadgets like GamePad Pro2 and Logitech wheels that take the experience to a new level altogether. So gift your friends a new gadget this Friendships day and spend the entire day playing games with them, re-living the childhood memories and at the same time, creating new ones. Content

Streaming Gadgets    

Ok, let’s face it, we all become couch potatoes on weekends because that’s the only time we get to relax and catch on our favorite sitcoms and movies. And friends. And popcorns. And drinks.      Amkette Evo Tv 2

Coming back, how about gifting yourself or your friends something that can make this dream come true? Well, yes. We are talking about the content streaming devices that can make all this a reality and give you a feeling of home theatre. These gadgets help you spend your weekends in the company of your friends. Even better, why gift it to someone else and not to you? Be your best friend and buy one for yourself.

Mobile Accessories      

Here comes the most useful category not just for us but for our friends as well. We have our friends and family travelling to Noida and amkette-car-mount-sGurgaon on daily basis for work. They spend almost 4-5 hours every day in their cars, stuck in traffic and honestly, working from cars most of the times.   Why not make their life little easy by gifting them something that can solve some of their problems if not all? Gift them car wires and mobile mounts that can help them make their ‘journey’ to their ‘destination’ less frustrating and little joyful.

Still thinking about it? We know you all are having time crunch, so without giving a second thought about it, get your gadgets and make this year’s Friendships Day a memorable one for your friends.

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