To maintain focus of dealers RCTA organizes group activities


Challenges and competition are important for market as it improvises industry. Even when going through tough situation RCTA has always initiated activities to keep its members alive and maintain their focus. RCTA has 200 (approx.) members who contribute to its initiatives.

For now RCTA is again planning to conduct a cricket match and a kite flying festival for its members. RCTA considers building confidence among members by organizing regular group activities is crucial. According to dealers, such activities play the role of a platform for them to unite and network with each other, secondly, holds a great opportunity to discuss ongoing situations and thirdly, creates a blend of business ideas which helps in flourishing on moral and ethical business values from growth perspective. This also helps them believe in the power of unity and how any obstacle can be challenged if faced together.

RCTA along with other associations of Rajasthan is also planning to create a federation involving all associations of Rajasthan as it will strengthen IT dealers here. Making of federation is still in discussion phase but it is expected to be soon implemented.

Association said, “We believe in get together activities as it keeps our trust in each other under difficult circumstances and each member has a strong feeling of brotherhood irrespective of whatever situation they are going through.”

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