MailScan for Linux joins Novell Ready program

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MicroWorld Software Services Pvt Ltd has announced that MailScan for Linux

has joined the Novell Ready Program. According to the press release, this status

establishes that MicroWorld's products are compatible with Novell Enterprise


The product was awarded Novell Ready status for Suse Linux desktop, Suse

Linux Enterprise Server 8, Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9, Suse Linux Standard

Server. Novell will now include MicroWorld's products in the list of certified

applications that is given to current and potential custo-mers, and is available


With the increased penetra-tion of GNU/Linux as an alter-nate operating

system for server and desktops, attacks on GNU/Linux based machines have

increased. About 90 percent of the viruses today enter the organizations via

Internet and through emails. The only solution is to provide content security or

in a broader sense, an on demand anti-virus software solution that can be

launched as and when required.


According to the company, MailScan for Linux answers all these needs and

joining this program would certainly help MicroWorld to establish its products

more competitively in the GNU/Linux market.

The product has been desig-ned as per requirements of users, while looking

out for a mail security application. The product fits best into the requirements

of ISPs, SMBs and Large corporates working on Linux platform.

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