Madurai IT Dealers too have Exams In March

All the school students have their end-term examinations during this time of the year in the country. March is the month of the year which comes with great pressure, not only for the students but also for their parents. But now it looks like it has given some pressure to the local dealers in Madurai too.

In talking to The DQ Week, some local dealers in Madurai shared the current scenario in the region. According to  Madurai local partners, March always come with slowdown in the market.

Singhal of Aditya Infotech says,”Every year in March, Madurai IT market face such slowdown. During the examinations in the state, there is no such sale of laptops. Every time there is a down fall of about 10-20 percent around February and March”.

A local dealer in Madurai, Selvaraj added, “Because of the examination in March, every year this time market becomes slow. There is always a slowdown in the business these days and even after March, people travel outside the region in vacations thus we have low business during this phase of the year.

Selvaraj says “March is always no sales month for us and we also kind of have survival examinations in March”.

According to the local dealers in Madurai, from last two years Madurai region is facing this market slowdown in March. The business gets slightly high in May again.

Wishing all the students a best of luck, the local dealers of Madurai wish for sales which only get better in the month of June and July after March.


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