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M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Aur FInolex Kare #PRESSUREKiDHULAYI

As proud sponsors of M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story, Finolex ran a campaign around the much-awaited biopic of the Captain of our National Cricket Team! The campaign is called #PRESSUREKiDHULAYI, and is currently in its third week. It was initiated by a social media contest by Finolex’s digital partner, Schbang, where participants had to simply share any of a series of posts created by Finolex, to stand a chance of winning up to 5 movie tickets for the opening weekend. 1,000 tickets were distributed online for this contest. The posts had a wide reach and were well-appreciated by the audience, with certain posts receiving over 95,000 likes.

Sirin Sam, Head of Marketing Communication, Finolex Industries Ltd. recalls, “The association helped us reach out to a broad prospective of people from all over India who love cricket & our very own captain MS Dhoni. Similar to the traits of MS Dhoni, Finolex Pipes finds common ground that we believe was perfect in terms of the movie association. Just like MS Dhoni’s journey, Finolex Pipes has always strived for excellence catering to an open target audience from every aspect of life offering our very best every step of the way. But what makes a ‘good’ leader? It is the trust & faith of the people that makes a leader as well as a company what it is & with the help of our customers we were able to share our philosophies with the country on a singular platform.”

The campaign was furthered by an inspirational TVC showing how both Dhoni and Finolex Pipes triumph under pressure, and was dubbed in 6 languages. Finolex’s on-ground activation includes standees and posters of their association with the biopic at cinemas nationwide. Furthermore, Finolex purchased over 25,000 movie tickets in over 35 cities for their diverse stakeholders, including employees, plumbers and dealers.

Finally, Finolex created a video demonstrating how the movie represents more than cricket! The movie is an emphatic portrayal of the journey of a common man against all odds; it is the journey of determination and persistence to achieve one’s ambitions. Such is the story of Vishwas Shinde, a student from a poor family, studying in the ninth standard at Phatak High School in Ratnagiri district who became deaf after an acute attack of mumps. Mukul Madhav Foundation, the CSR partner of Finolex Industries Ltd, provided Rs.7.5 lakhs required for restoring his hearing and contributed a further Rs.20,000 to a three-year scholarship for his mechanical engineering degree. The video, scripted, edited and co-produced by Schbang Motion Pictures, shows reel-life Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput, sharing Vishwas’ extraordinary journey.

Crish Shah, Integrated Solutions Strategist, Schbang shares, “The aim was to let everyone know why Finolex’s association with the Dhoni biopic made sense. The fact that both Finolex and Dhoni are true leaders who never let their team down, how they’re both the finest in their respective fields and how they both have dedicated their life to improve themselves to give our nation their best.”

The campaign hashtags #PRESSUREKiDHULAYI and #FinolexCelebratesDhoni both trended at number 1 in India, the latter on launch day itself. The campaign continues for another 4 weeks, with the contest still open for participation. Don’t miss out on your chance to win free tickets for M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story!

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