LUCKNOW: From Nawabs and Chikankari to an IT destination

Lucknow, the hub of the Nawabi culture, and known not only for the world
famous chikan and jardozi works but also its adab and tehzeeb. We all at some
point of time must have heard of the famous anecdote about two nawabs who missed
the train after ‘pehle aap, Pehle aaap’ courtesy. Now that’s a thing of
the past, for the city is now coming up as an IT destination.

No one knows for sure how the city got it’s name. Some say it is formed by
the sentence ‘It is enough I want my Luck now’. But, reference to name
‘Lucknow’ is found during Akbar’s rule.

It is believed, that grandson of Yudhishthir, Janmejaya gave this region to
saints and hence the place was full of ashrams and the Brahmins and Kayastha
lived here. Lucknow was an important settlement during Kosala Empire and
remained so through Maurya and Gupta periods. During the twilight of Hindu rule
King Jaichand of Kannauj took control of the area around Lucknow presently known
as Awadh. Later two tribes Bhar and Paansi captured this region. These were the
tribes who fought Sayyed Salar Masood Gazi in 1030 AD and probably Bakhtiyar
Khilji in 1202 and these were times when Muslims first came to this part. Mahmud
Ghaznavi was the first Muslim ruler who conquered Lucknow in 1018. He left
behind one of his Sardar Saiyed Salar Sahu who was his brother in law also.

Akbar divided the whole of India into 12 provinces and Lucknow was chosen as
the seat of Subedar of Awadh. Shaikh Abdur Rahim a nobleman was entrusted with
the jagir of Awadh. He built a five storeyed Palace, the Panch Mahala. His tomb
is today known as the Nadan Mahal. He also built a fort the Machchi Bhawan which
soon became the center of activity at Lucknow, at the present site of Medical
College today. Other than Shaikh Abdur Rahim’s family, the Shaikhzadas, a number
of Pathans also settled at Lucknow, who soon became a paramount power and
gradually Lucknow started growing as a commercial center. The power of the
Shaikhzadas remained unchallenged until Saadat Khan stepped in, he was appointed
Subedar in 1722. The progeny of the Sardars were later on known as Sheikhs who
settled in and around Lucknow. Some of the Sheikhs fought and established
themselves as rajas and landlords.

Lucknow too saw its share of low growth of the market. The last two quarters
have not been that profitable, but the people are optimistic that the things
will improve a bit in the coming quarter.

Major Buyers
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sahara India, Sahu Gropu, Ansal Group, Arif Industries
Ltd, Uptron India Ltd, Tata Engineering and Cosco, Hindustan Aeronautics, Chopra
Retec Rubber Products Private Limited, ICS Careers Online, Indo Isreal Trading
Corporation [IITC].

Major Resellers>>>>>>>>

Skylark Building
NK Road Hazratganj Road
Lucknow. Tel: 200256/216735

Aastha Distributors
Shop No 8-B, Ist Floor
naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 9838030564

ABM Trade Linkers
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 98380160017/222489/281944

Rohit Bhawan
Sencond Floor, Sparu Marg
Tel: 225591/214101

1, Fairdeal House
34, Lal Bagh
Lucknow. Tel: 500259

Ask Export Pvt Ltd
Shop No 9, Ist Floor
Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 215776.

Bansal Infotech
Besides Indusind Bank
(Basant Cinema
Lucknow. Tel: 200001/9839001014

Capital Equipment
102, Murli Bhawan
Ashok Marg
Tel: 272205/273796

Classic Computer
Shop No 7, Ist Floor
Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 273474/200733 Ext 169

Computer City
45/4, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel:

Computer India Infotech
Ground Floor, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272243

Computer Infotech
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Shop No 20
Lucknow. Tel: 9838031586

Computer Shack
16, Station Road
Chintel’s House
Lucknow. Tel: 635218/635219

Computer Zen Services
Ist Floor, Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 231406/9839019268

Coolex & Co
41-TN Road Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Delhi Computer
Shop No 2, Fairdeal House
Tel: 274174

Diskman Computer
Shop No 4, Naza Market
Tel: 9838023996

Elevin Infosys
211, Ganj Plaza
Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

HA Compused Technology Pvt Ltd
Ist Floor, Naza Building
Lucknow. Tel: 214141 Ext 233

Khemka Computer
A-1, Basement
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272029

Lucknow Computer & Software
F-5, Homawazir Chamber
Luknow. Tel: 214141

Micro System
Naza Building Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Migra Electronics Ltd
9AB-Block, Dalippur Towers
Lucknow. Tel: 231065/283875/76/77

MS Computer
G-07, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Tel: 274630/9628530614

Nasco Computer
Shop No 1, 2nd Floor
Market Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel: 9838032048

Odyssey Computer
IInd Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 216746/9838029001

Pentacle System
30, Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

Peutronics System
78/148, Kuharwali Gali
Ganesh Ganj
Lucknow. Tel: 281736

Rama Infotech Pvt Ltd
26, Naryan Market
Tel: 213356/9839019499

Shakti Informatives
B-6/7, Ist Floor
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 273474 Ext 135

Shivam Enterprises
Shop No 4, IIIrd Floor
Lucknow. Tel: 9839019491

Softex Computers
G-9, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Lucknow. Tel: 270174/9838029175

SV Computer
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel:
273474 Ext 120

16, Rana Pratap Marg
UPTEC Crossing
Lucknow. Tel:

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