LSI adds support for Intel SSDs

DQW Bureau
New Update


LSI Corporation annou­nced the release of new controller firmware for its

3ware 9650SE SATA RAID controller cards, which provides support for Intel X25-E

Extreme SATA solid state drives (SSDs). The firmware upgrade is designed to

provide full compliance with the Intel SSDs for servers, storage and high-end


Intel X25-E Extreme SSDs are based on single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash

technology to offer fast read and write times as well as high reliability. The

products complement the Intel drives with enhanced performance and reliability.

“LSI controller cards play a pivotal role in maximizing solid state drive

perfor­mance and protecting existing investments in hard disk drives,” said

Brent Blanchard, Director-Worldwide Channel Sales and Marketing, LSI. “Multiple

drive types can be supported by a single 3ware controller while maintaining

performance, which makes it easier and more cost effective to incorporate SSDs

into existing enterprise SAS and SATA system environments,” he added.

LSI offers a broad portfolio of 3ware RAID controllers, including a full-line

of low-profile SAS/SATA cards and a complete family of SATA cards with two to 24