Logitech strengthens India presence

DQW Bureau
New Update


Logitech has converted its Indian liaison office into a 100 percent

subsidiary. When contacted, Rahul Bindal, Country Manager, Logitech Far East

Ltd, confirmed the news.

It was time the vendor took this step since it has been present in India for

a very long time. "Logitech having its sub-sidiary office opens up a lot of

avenues. Now we can start working on our expansion plans for our offices.

Logitech has made its mark in the entry-level peripherals segment and our

distributors Rashi and Neoteric have played a major role in achieving this mind

share," Bindal pointed out.

The subsidiary office will also help Logitech have local transactions as

earlier the transactions were taken care of by distributors or by the Taiwan

office. The vendor can also make increased investments in the country.


Logitech has made a mark in the entry-level products like keyboard, mouse and

web cameras. But now the company is looking at pushing its higher-end products


Said Bindal, "Logitech has definitely achieved beyond its targets in

entry-level but now it’s time consumer is made aware of other products in all

the categories. The Indian consumer also has the capacity of spending but it’s

not aware of the products."

Recently, Logitech also adopted the non-IT retail route across India in

cities like Chennai and Mumbai among others. The vendor has also started looking

at telecom stores to display its products. It also has some telephone

accessories in India, which are also displayed at these stores.

"Now we are soon going to launch a program specifically for SIs where

the high-end products will be pushed aggressively. This segment deals with

customers of various segments, which include home, SME, corpo-rates etc.

Therefore, all the various products could be targeted. And we are looking at

pushing cordless products aggressively this year and therefore, will also be

part of this program. This new pro-gram will be conducted in a phased manner

across the country," added Bindal.

Nancy Sudheer