Logitech launches Mobile Pro headset

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Logitech, a peripheral devices technology major has launched the Mobile Pro,

mobile headset with Bluetooth 1.2 technology.

The Mobile Pro headset offers faster connect time, improved quality of sound,

and AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) for less interference from other 2.4 GHz

systems such as Wi-Fi. AHA, enables Mobile Pro Headset to select open frequency

bands when transmitting data within congested 2.4GHz areas, such as WiFi

(802.11) hot spots.

AFH takes advantage of available frequencies without limiting the Bluetooth

transmission to a set of frequencies occupied by other wireless standards,

ensuring continuous clear connections for Bluetooth headset users.


The headset offers 30 feet of cordless freedom, up to eight hours of

continuous talk time and more than three weeks of standby time.

The headset includes noise-canceling microphone and a 20 mm speaker driver,

which brings added clarity to phone conversations.

"We are focused on providing top-of-the-line products that incorporate

the latest technologies, such as AFH," said Moninder Jain, Country

Manager-India, Logitech.

Logitech Mobile Pro Headset is available in India at a suggested retail price

of Rs 5,950 with a warranty of two years.

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