Local printers give Hewlett-Packard competition in market

DQW Bureau
New Update

Printers have been a mature product in the market however,

more Taiwan branded printers want to join in to take a portion of this market in

Taiwan. The biggest printer brand - HP also fights to retain the market share.

According to IDC statistics, the shipment of single function printer was 740,000

units in Taiwan last year with decline of 21 percent from 2004. The laser

printer shipment setting a new high record reached 49,300 units in Q4 last year

in that the unit price of laser printer kept dropping. The ratio of shipment of

color laser printer kept growing at the same time. BenQ plans to join Taiwan MFP

market by bundling with DSC and NB related products. HP indicated that HP

already took 50 percent of Taiwan printer market in which single function

printer market is limited in growth but MFP keeps growing. In term of laser

printer, color laser printer price is dropping that will stimulate the sales in

the future.