Lito-On Corp enters automotive optical-disc drives market

DQW Bureau
11 Apr 2006

Lite-On IT Corp has moved to automotive optical-disc drives
market. The company set up an automotive-application business division with two
sub-divisions, car compu­ters and automotive optical-disc drives, and initially
hired 60 R&D staff for the operation. Lite-On indicated that the competition
of optical-disc drives is intense so that the com­pany has to find a new way to
go. Kung Jen-wu, president of Lite-On's optical-storage unit, pointed out that
the company has started to develop automotive products and now is setting up the
new division to make the operation becomes more smooth. Lito-On tried to aquire
Meiloon Indus­trial Co Ltd before but the acquisition failed because of the
difference in opinions on stock prices.

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