Linux urged to be more user-friendly

DQW Bureau
16 Feb 2006

Linux has
to more userfriendly for more adop­tion, according to Deepak B Phatak,
Professor of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology, IIT Bombay.

Delivering the inaugural
keynote address at the three-day LinuxAsia 2006, Phatak said that even though
many sectors in the industry have adopted Linux, there is a long way to go to
gain popularity.

Citing an example, he said
that the Government of West Bengal had recently decided to adopt Linux but
majority of the people preferred to use the Windows operating system. “This is
an example that Linux is less user-frien­dlier compared to the popularly used
Windows,” he said.

On the Open Source (OS)
market, Phatak remarked that the OS should go beyond software. He said that the
huge dreams could be realized with the help of Linux Kernel.

“The developers should
allow free distribution of kernel. There are some steps, which should be taken
to contribute to the community. The IT industry should participate more with
educational institutions for creating a platform for the upcoming students who
would be the prime source in making the country grow more faster,” he added.

Phatak said that he has
developed a project called 'Eklavya', which would involve students, teachers
and the industry for bringing about more awareness among the students and more

He said that the developers
should contribute to the community and should not expect any attributes in

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