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Link your Bank Account on Paytm App & make Free Bank to Bank Transfers with Cashback

Paytm has made transferring money using its platform more rewarding than ever. Every user can now earn up to Rs 100 by simply using Bank Transfers on the Paytm app.

With the Paytm Bank Transfers, users can experience seamless and instant transfers from any bank account to any bank account, without adding money to Paytm Wallet, making it easier for them to make payments at 0% charge. Also, KYC is not required for making Bank Transfers using the Paytm app.

Here’s how you can earn Rs 100: –

  • On the Paytm app go to “Bank Transfer” and select your respective bank & it will automatically link to your bank account. You will get Rs 10 credited to your account.
  • Using the Paytm app, go to “Bank Transfer” and now send money to any Bank Account or IFSC or UPI ID of the beneficiary to pay instantly. You will get Rs 50 credited to your account.
  • On the Paytm app, do your mobile recharge or pay for any utility bill using “Paytm Bhim UPI” and get Rs 30 credited to your account.
  • On the Paytm app go to “Bank Transfer” and transfer money to any bank. For each transaction that you make you will get an assured cashback (Up to Rs 200).

Paytm has rapidly evolved from being a wallet company to a full stack payments provider, offering multi-source and multi-destination payment solutions. The platform is used by millions of users for online transactions on Paytm and on other popular apps/websites and offline stores, through Paytm QR.

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