Limelight Networks expands presence in India

Expanding its presence in India, Limelight Networks has come up with a new point of presence in Mumbai

DQW Bureau
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Expanding its presence in India, Limelight Networks has come up with a new point of presence in Mumbai.


The company will also begin selling its Limelight Orchestrate (‘Orchestrate')Digital Presence Platform in the country.

Released in the U.S. and other markets earlier this year, Limelight will expand the availability of its Orchestrate v 2.0 platform to India. The Limelight Orchestrate Platform offers a set of services designed to enable organizations of all types and sizes to reach a level of digital presence maturity.

"India is an increasingly growing market for us. There is a high demand for services that improve the quality and presence of data across networks, as well as a real need to reduce the latency issues that have plagued businesses here for years. With the addition of our Orchestrate platform we will empower companies to better engage with their digital audiences and monetize their digital assets. Overall, we're excited about the growth potential and expanding our presence to these key markets in India," said Andy Clark vice president of APAC, Limelight group

Punjab Kesari Group, a leading online and offline newspaper group in India, is using Limelight's Orchestrate Platform to create a broader digital presence and monetize its digital assets by seamlessly delivering video across the world to various mobile devices, without compromising the performance or quality for readers.

"We used to serve five million page views per month and were held back by slow delivery speeds since all of our content was being served from India. After we implemented Limelight Orchestrate, our page views increased to 20 million page views per month," said Abhijay Chopra, director, Punjab Kesari Group. "Since using Limelight's services, our site traffic has grown by 30% month by month, and our number of video views has increased exponentially."