LG to appoint RDs for Centrino notebooks

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LG Electronics will be appointing Regional Distributors (RDs) for its

Centrino range of notebooks launched recently. It unveiled four models of these

notebooks–LM 40, LM 50, LS 40 and LS 50–priced between Rs 99,000 to Rs 1.4

lakh. All these models are claimed to have the longest battery life.

Elaborating on its future plans, R Manika-ndan, DGM (Sales and Marketing–IT

Pro-ducts), LG India, said that in Q2 it would be focusing on the high-end

market with the Centrino-based note-books and in Q3 and Q4 the focus would be on

high-end and medium range laptops, which would be priced approximately in the

range of Rs 70,000 to Rs 75,000.

On the channels front, LG will be appointing RDs all over the country and

would be adopting a ‘go to market’ strategy. The company will also showcase

its notebooks through its consumer appliance and home appliance retail shops.


Manikandan further informed that the kind of numbers it is looking for is

having 20 percent of the Centrino marketshare or 7,200 notebooks.

Sharing his views on why LG is not venturing into entry-level notebooks, he

commented, "The low segment in notebooks is very price sensitive and with

such low prices one can’t make any value-additions. Therefore, we are not

looking at this segment at all."

Rajeev Saxena, Head (Notebook PC and OEM Business), LG India, said that today

the entry-level notebooks market has a market share of 50 percent, whereas the

mid range and the high-end notebooks have market share of 30 and 20 percent

respectively. The company is targeting to have 20 percent market share in the

Centrino range of notebooks this fiscal where it would aim to sell around 7,500



According to IDC, the total market size of notebook in 2004 is going to be

1.2 lakh units and out of this Centrino’s marketshare is expected to be around

36,000 units. And it’s this market in which LG is trying to create a niche.

According to the company, some of the unique features of its notebooks is

long battery life upto 10 hours, higher brig-htness of 200 nit and wireless

access capability with quand band. These products will be available in the

market from next week onwards.

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