LG strengthens its monitor portfolio

DQW Bureau
27 Jun 2011



Electronics India has

broadened its portfolio in the IT segment with the introduction of 3D

Cinema Monitor, World's slimmest LED monitors and IPS monitor in

New Delhi recently.

Anticipating the future

business trend, LG used innovative technologies to provide

integrated, customized, and cost-efficient solutions that will fit

the requirements of all its partners and customers. Already a leader

in the monitor market, these new age products will further strengthen

LG's marketshare.

Speaking at the joyous

occasion, Sanjoy Bhattacharya said, “LG always strives to provide

the best to its consumers and we are positive that this new

innovation from the house of LG will enhance the leadership in

monitor category. The launch of new range of monitor series has set a

benchmark and we expect good response within next quarter. With the

launch of 3D monitor LG is all set to provide more fun and

entertainment for its consumers than ever before. Presently we have

33.7% (Standalone monitor marketshare and we target to achieve 42% by

end of 2011.”

Built with FPR technology,

the LG 3D Cinema Monitor offers a brighter display and clearer

images, making 3D viewing a great experience. LG E60 and E90 is an

elegant, minimalist collection featuring the very latest and very

best in monitor technology. The monitor is built with LG's Image

Booster software that enhances the quality of steaming content from

various video sites.

With the launch of an all

new range of monitors, LG expects 8-10% of additional revenue in IT

division with a marketing investment of Rs 6.5 crore.