LG intros 15" LCD TV

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28 Jun 2005
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LG Electronics (LGE) has announced the launch of 15" wireless LCD TV.

The LCD TV has a wireless con-nectivity of up to 50 meters and a battery life of

two hours. The screen is wirelessly connected to a transmitter box housed within

50 meters of the TV, which sends waves to the portable screen. Targeted at the

tech savvy Indian consu-mer, this wireless TV is priced at Rs 90,000.

Foraying into the large screen high-end digital display segment, LG has also

launched the 71" Plasma TV, which the company claims is the world's

largest Plasma TV. The TV features XD engine, which converts analog signals to

HD grade picture quality. This seamless ingle module plasma screen TV is

specially designed for the niche market and is priced at less than Rs 30 lakh.

The company has further strengthened its presence in the Plasma TV market

with the new 42" Plasma TV, 42PX4RV, which come with a contrast ratio of

10000:1 coupled with 1500 cdm2 of brightness output. Its main features include

XD engine and film filter, which eliminates glare and double images.


Speaking on the occasion, Havis Kwon, VP Digital Display, LGE said,

"With this launch of these high-end display produ-cts, the company now

offers a complete portfolio of display solutions, from the smallest 15"

portable TV to the largest display available in the Indian market, spread across

price point of Rs 30,000 to Rs 30 lakh."

He added, "The sheer size and potential of the Indian consumer

electronics market has prompted us to introduce the best possible products in

India from LGE's portfolio. We as a group have tremendous expectations from

the Indian market and foresee it as a country to reckon with in the coming


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