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LG Electronics Presents LG One Quick for Home and Office

LG Electronics (LG) the leading provider of innovative, customisable and feature-packed commercial display & digital signage products & solutions announces the launch of LG One Quick, an easy to use, All-in-One solution for homes and offices. LG One Quick has been created to meet the requirements of the new ways of how people work and live. This solution has the potential to change and expand how individuals, coworkers and teams communicate in the new reality of remote working. LG One Quick series has model 55CT5WJ, model 43HT3WJ and model SC-00DA as three different models. 

– One:Quick Works is an advanced 55 4K UHD all-in-one video conferencing touch display and all-around productivity tool suitable for a variety of workplace environments such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, huddle rooms, etc.

–  One:Quick Flex with its 43 4K UHD touchscreen is designed with a movable stand that fulfils the demands of different generations in a family with a touch solution.

– One:Quick Share, allows users to easily and quickly connect their laptops wirelessly to compatible LG digital signage display products. 

Commenting on the launch, Hemendu Sinha (VP and Business Head, Business Solutions) from LG Electronics said, “At LG, we always focus on creating solutions for businesses which make the work easier, accessible and convenient. This series is another step in this direction to offer a holistic solution for both offices and homes. Although the lockdowns have eased up, the majority of the workforce still continues to work from home. This series will provide users with multiple ways of working and make the experience of collaborative working seamless & far more productive. We are confident that this will be a revolutionary product, helping organizations & the executives to be more flexible and efficient at the same time.”

One:Quick Works For Maximum Productivity in Conference Display

A welcome addition to any conference space, LG One:Quick Works delivers seamless interactive communication for smooth, productive office meetings thanks to the clear video and audio qualities. A winner of the Red Dot Award 2021, this all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker, and a digital whiteboard.

In addition to LG’s built-in video conferencing solution, One:Quick Works has a wide 120-degree field of view camera having 3840 x 2160 resolution with Smart Auto-Focus which can automatically track and focus on the speaker. Moreover, it is effective in clearly capturing voices up to six meters away with minimal background noise.

With One:Quick Remote Meeting, users can use shortcuts to effortlessly install popular video conferencing and collaboration apps such as Teams, WebEx and Zoom. One:Quick Works also offers easy-to-use management and control features. Ready out-of-the-box and free for the first six months, LG’s One:Quick Remote Meeting video-conferencing application works seamlessly with One:Quick Works to share documents in various formats, perform real-time interactive drawings and automatically detect who’s speaking on the other end.

LG’s latest collection of advanced display solution products is designed to deliver an intuitive experience that enhances productivity and collaboration to take home and office communications to a whole new level of ease and convenience in this changing era.

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