Lastech to launch 3 new products

DQW Bureau
18 Feb 2001
New Update

Chennai-based Lastech Systems, a software solution provider in regional languages mainly based on Internet technologies, is to launch three new products in the next one month. Instant messenger (to support 14 Indian languages) tool, Banner management software and Java-based word processor are the products in the pipeline and the company targets ISPs, portals, major websites and mail service providers to promote the software.


"The Instant messenger tool is based on Microsoft platform and users can either download the software in to their desktop or use it directly from the website of service providers. This web-based access is made possible through Java-based program," said M Thulukkanam, Director, Lastech Systems Pvt Ltd. "ISPs and mail service providers would be the major customers for this product and we have not decided whether to sell it as an off-the-shelf product or through license basis."

Banner management software is designed to handle the advertisement based on the users' profile, geographical locations and area of interest. It helps customers for a better reach with targeted ads and clients can set the frequency of display of advertisements. "This is a Java-based software which works with IAS servers and Linux platform and it is to hit the market in the next couple of weeks," said Thulukkanam. The solution is designed mainly for portals and other leading website promoters.

"In order to make our word processor available in multiple platforms, the software is developed using Java technology and to be available in 14 Indian languages," he said. Apart from selling it in the open market, the company plans to bundle the software with its DTP package called IndoWord.

Lastech has done a business of Rs 65 lakh in the last fiscal and is confident of closing the current fiscal with Rs 1 crore turnover.