Laptop scheme implemented in Goa

DQW Bureau
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Goa launched an interest-free laptop scheme for teachers of high schools,

higher secondary schools, colleges and technical institutions on Sep 4. The

scheme was announced long back in 2006. According to this scheme, EDC and the

state government have agreed to bear the amount of interest on the loans. This

makes it possible for teachers to get interest-free loan of

Rs 40,000 to be paid over a period of five years for purchasing a laptop of

his/her own choice. This makes Goa the first state of its kind in India to

implement such a scheme.

Terence Vegas, Branch Manager, Ingram, believes this scheme to be beneficial

not only for the teachers but also the partners and distributors in Goa. “We

have been receiving positive responses from the teachers and around 200-250

teachers have already applied for this scheme. The small scale retailers will

also avail the profits through this scheme this year,” he concluded.

In order to get full exposure to changing technology teachers are now willing

to buy laptops and are eager to be conversant with computers so that they can

take full advantage of the scheme.


Last year the government had provided a restricted list to the teachers to

choose dealers and brands. However, this year they have been granted the liberty

to make their own choices in this regard. This has been confirmed by Prashant

Kuncolienkar, President, GIBA. According to him, “The IT dealers are definitely

benefiting form this scheme because the teachers are free to choose their brands

and models so it is time for the small time distributors to rejoice and sell

their brands as well.”

Considering increased usage of IT products and services, the laptop scheme

definitely boosts the spirits of current dealers and small scale retailers

within Goa.

Lately, the IT sector in Goa is buzzing with activities with launches of

models by top vendors such as HP, ACER and Zenith. “The IT sector in Goa is

definitely going to build a dominant position in the market with the help of the

laptop scheme. And also at the same time the brands have started to advertising

their products which will be an added factor,” concluded Dhiren Mehta,

Proprietor, Magnamious Systems