Lamington Road partners put fraudsters behind bars

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Lamington Road partners put fraudsters

behind bars

The IT

partners at Lamington Road have recently managed to hand two fraudsters to the

police. These two culprits are accused to be a part of a group, which is

reported to cheat almost an amount of  Rs,40

lakh from the market.


Modus Operandi

The entire game begun, when a dealer named Rohit Parekh started to deal with

some partners at Lamington road almost eight months back. Parekh had his

organiza-tion named Satellite Comput-ers at Bhandup. According to the channel

community at Lamington Road, Parekh have always cleared his payments on time and

no problems have been accounted with the cheques, which he issued till November

end. However the things reversed, when his cheques started to bounce few weeks

back and he was reported absconding. When the affected partners visited

Parekh's office, they found that the office was booked in rent and there was

no trace of Parekh and his company there.


cheques issued by Pakekh were from the Indus Ind bank, which had its branch at

Lamington Road. Umang Mehta, the spokesperson for Trade Association of

Informa-tion Technology (TAIT), Mum-bai said, “While tracking Parekh's bank

account, we discovered that the account, from which Parekh issued the cheques is

in the name of Bharat Mali. The account was running in the negative balance,

because of the cheque bouncing. To track the entire chain, we looked into the

transactions of the account and discovered that the account had regular cash

payments from another account, the owner of which was the Shuklaji Street based

dealer, Hardana Bishnoy. The bank also informed us that few days back

Bishnoy's account has been closed.”



to the market sources, Bishnoy started his business around three years back with

his organization, Ramdev Infotech. After doing business for few months, Ramdev

went bankrupt and Bishnoy had to close down his shop. However Bishnoy re-opened

his shop after few months with a new name, Sun Infosys. When DQ Week tried to

contact Bishnoy's mobile number, it was answered 'not reachable'.


said, “When we searched for Bishnoy, he was absconding. So we caught hold of

his brother Kalu Bishnoy, who was working for a Lamington road based dealer

Kachora Infosys.”


to Mehta, some of the products, which Parekh had purchased from several dealers

at Lamington road, were discovered at Kachora's godown. He said, “We helped

the police to track the goods, which Parekh had purchased from the dealers at

Lamington road and police have now sealed the godown. Later on Kalu spoke out

few names, who are involved in the racket and based on that Kachora has now been

taken into police custody.” When DQ Week tried to contact Kachora's mobile

number, a lady answered the call and refused to comment anything about the




are the victims?

According to Mehta, TAIT has received the names of around 15 partners, who have

been cheated by this group. Mehta said, “I am sure more names will come

forward in next few days.”


Peripherals Pvt Ltd is one of the victims of this fraud racket. Speaking about

the loss, Samir Joshi, Marketing Executive, Modi Peripherals, said, “We have

been cheated of an amount of Rs. 5 lakhs. We were dealing with Parekh since past

six months. If such kind of incidents continues to happen, then we will have to

close down our business!”


Pacific Infotech reported to be cheated of an amount of Rs. 4 lakhs. Suresh

Chhatlani, CEO of Suresh Computers, said, “To prevent these type of incidents,

we are now planning to issue a certain type of form, which the new dealers need

to fill. This form will contain the columns, where the dealers need to fill

their permanent addresses.”



is police doing?

Although an FIR complaint has been registered with the Lamington road police

station and two persons are taken into custody, yet the partners feel that

police is lacking pace to resolve the issue. One partner, on the condition of

anonymity, said, “Police is not proceeding in the required pace for this


When DQ Week tried to contact Suresh Deshpande, the

Inspector at Lamington Road, who is in charge of the case, he said, “We have

rec-eived orders from our head office not to comment any-thing on this