Lamington Road to come under CCTV surveillance soon

Priyanka Pugaokar
New Update

Lamington road Lamington Road Market, MumbaiMumbai’s Lamington Road which is a main hub of electronics and IT products will soon come under CCTV surveillance. Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) in association with Mumbai police has initiated an ambitious project of installation of CCTV cameras in the entire Lamington Road. This is said to be the first venture where any IT association and police have join hands for benefit of dealers.


Bimal Jhaveri, former director of TAIT said, “Incidents of thefts, house breaking, cheating, bogus police personnel troubling dealers have gone rampage in Lamington Road in recent months. To stop crimes of robbery, idea of bringing the entire Lamington Road under CCTV surveillance emerged. Senior police officials at Dr. DB Marg Police station extended their support to us.”

Mr. Jhaveri said that Senior Inspector of Police Suresh Hujband has officially authenticated this project.

He said, “Police will make arrangement for space inside Dr. DB Marg Police station where DVR and LED will be installed. Police is ready to provide us their personnel who will monitor all CCTV cameras in the area.”


“All India Radio & Electronics Association (AIREA) will provide technical expertise in the project. This project will certainly help us to cut down crimes in Lamington Road”, he said.

Highlighting the unique point of the venture, Mr. Jhaveri said that all members will have direct access to CCTV recordings and they can check the data at any time.

PSI Nitin Lawande is heading the entire project. He said, “We received several complaints of loot this year. During the period of nine months around 23 incidents of theft were reported in nearby areas of police station. TAIT approached us with their venture and we supported them.”


Giving information about modus operandi of thieves, Mr. Lawande said, “Most of the incidents of looting happen at night. Thieves operate from drains and lanes. There are around 35 entry points parallel to drains. They break wall of shops, loot goods and run away from drains. Unfortunately as such there is no system to keep watch on suspicious activities during late nights. ”

Mr. Lawande said that police has identified total 25 spots between Grant road Junction and Vasant Bhawan area where CCTV cameras will be installed.

“Our target is to stop crimes of robbery in Lamington road. We have also asked shopkeepers to come together and arrange watchman for the security of their shops”, he said.


The cost of the entire project is around 10 to 12 lakh rupees and it will be born by the participants. The association hopes that the project will take off within a month.

Mr. Jhaveri said, “We are approaching sponsors also we have appealed dealers and traders in the Lamington Road to support this project. We are planning to charge recurring per month cost from the members of the project. This project is for the benefit of dealer community and we appeal them to donate for it.”

He said that if the project is properly funded they will block all the drains by putting iron gates at the entry points in a second phase.


“We are in a process of procurement of CCTV cameras and other equipments. We are talking with agencies like Beta Intercom and have invited quotations”, he said.

Rushabh Shah, spokesperson of TAIT said, “This project is a good technology initiative. TAIT has been instrumental in this venture. This project is for the benefit of all dealers in Lamington Road. It will improve security in the area and prevent unlawful activities. I appeal all the dealers to support this initiative.”

Once taken off, dealers and retailers in the Lamington Road market will get big relief from thieves and looters.