Lack of Unity Impacts Durgapur Partners

Many of you must have heard name of Durgapur city. It is third largest city in West Bengal and is situated in Burdwan district. Its famous as steel city of West Bengal, and also its been witnessing radical changes, along with rapid development in segments like industry, real estates, I.T. and I.T.E.S. firms, education etc. But as we spoke about growth in IT market to the channel partners situated in Durgapur, we see lots of restlessness and less enthusiasm in their approach. why there is no happening in IT markets? why dealers are working with long faces? it’s the matter of great thinking.

We spoke to some of the IT partners situated there and tried to know the reason behind stagnant growth in IT markets. First of all its necessary to give the fact that there are several markets dedicated to IT sector but number of resellers are less that they can be counted  on fingers and business has also dropped at the steep rate due to various reasons.

Bimal Kumar Jain of Business Partner commented that, “one of the biggest reason behind stale growth is that we are less in numbers and if we have some issues we could not take it to a proper channel as we don’t have any sort of IT association in the city.”

Now the question is that, not having an IT association is the real reason behind falling down of IT development, as it could be more.

Shivaji Sinha, owner of 4th Dimension gives a brief explanation as what is happening in the market “its true that we don’t have an IT association in the city, and it is a matter of great concern. However there are couple of people who are member of COMPASS. But when we have any issue where should we go and there is another problem i.e there is lack of unity among dealers.”

Another reason is online business, decline in offline business could be clearly seen due to this factor. As well education sector is another reason by which market has affected a lot. “our offline business is badly disturbed by online business, and education sector has shifted, which has resulted in shifting of student purchasing to Kolkata.”

Partners in Durgapur needs an instant solution, so that IT market should revive and benefit them. But its not a 2 minute cooking thing, they have to work on their internal issues and come together. Neeraj Agrwal, Representative and secretary of COMPASS, Computer Association of Eastern India, has very different approach to this matter, “some 4 or 4 and half years ago we brought up with an idea of yatra in small towns and gave voluntary offers to dealers to join COMPASS at very subsidized rate and learn how things work in an association and after that they integrate in the IT ecosystem of their own city. And we got great response, I don’t know what went wrong in Durgapur. As a parent we guided them, but they are ones who should come forward and do things in correct way so that they get benefited. But we are once again focusing on small town and also planning to do yatra for integrating ideas to small town dealers.”

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