Kunhar to open six offices in next FY

DQW Bureau
New Update


In order to add more value to the

products and expand its footprints in other cities as well, Kunhar

Peripherals will soon open up six new offices. The offices will be

opened up respectively in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. “I

am planning to open up three offices in Andhra, three in Tamil Nadu

and one in Kerala. Kunhar is a proven, future-bound and well

structured distribution house with the infrastructure to co-ordinate

all business efforts. Service focus is the key to customer retention

because we believe that knowledge of the importance of service alone

will not stand the test of time and competition. We have three brands

owned by us which are Power safe UPS, Artis and VIP computer

cabinets. Currently, we are headquartered in Mumbai and distribute

products through our own network of strong resellers and OEM

partners. Our sales and service offices are located across

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Goa,” said Anil

Daryani, MD, Kunhar Peripherals.

Talking about the growth of Kunhar,

Daryani said that there has been a decent uplift in the sales

compared to last year by 35 percent. “Once we establish our network

in the South, we intended to move towards North. It is not easy to

find manpower in India and thus it takes lot of efforts to expand new

branches,” he added. When asked about the competition in the market

regarding the brands owned by them, Daryani said, “I have observed

that Indian brands are growing compared to MNC and this can be easily

proved by the good amount of business we are doing and in the past

six years we have achieved success by selling those brands. And if

compared, we have made more business in B and C-class cities rather

than metros. We have built-up our business by giving best telesupport

to resellers, short turnaround time for service material, build-up

relationship with customers by frequently visiting them, immediate

decisions on price breaks, keeping resellers up-to-date with price

drops, price protection etc”