Kumbakonam geared up for 'Great Leap Forward'

Opportunities and developments abound with the election of new association members

New Update

The channel partners in Kumbakonam are waiting for the next big leap as the opportunities are growing in various ways for the channel partners.


Kumbakonam, a small town in Thanjavur district, has always been seen as the center of delta districts like Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and Nagapattinam. The town, even though geographically small, has plenty of opportunities with hundreds of small villages around it. Also, there are two banks which have the small town as their headquarter.

An unofficial statistics says that everyday around 5kg of gold is purchased by the customers from various shops and goldsmiths in the town. Also, the town has many key business entities like silk saree industries, vessel shops, statue exporters, textile shops and hotels. Talks are also on for constituting a separate district having Kumbakonam as the headquarter. Not just that, the recent conversion of meter-gauge railway track to broad-gauge has connected the town with all the leading cities of the state and has also helped the channel partners. Channel partners also say that if the ongoing project of the National Highway towards Bengaluru through Tiruvannamalai

is completed, it will make the travel to Bengaluru easier for the channel partners as they presently have to take a longer route reaching the IT city.

Cholamandalam Information Technology Association (CMITA), with more than 20 members, is the association in the town. Even though it is one of the smallest associations in the state, the association itself is active in all the aspects. The association has recently conducted the elections and new members have assumed office recently. M Ramamoorthy, CEO, Rasee computers, will be the president, Mohamad Gazzali will be the secretary, and Abdul Malik who was the president of the association for the previous term will be the new treasurer. Speaking to The DQWeek, Ramamoorthy said, "We are having much more efficient new team and we have many plans for the forthcoming year." Speaking about the plans, he said, "Priority will be given to channel partners in growing the business. Steps to get financial assistance from banks will be taken for our members." He also said that member database handbook has been released for the welfare of the members.