KSRTC drives into the web

DQW Bureau
19 Nov 2001
New Update


Whether the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) may be starving for resources and finance nothing could deter them from launching, a portal which talks about the history of this corporation, finance, fares, tenders and others. The inauguration of this website also coincides with the initiatives of the Government of Kerala to computerize all its government departments within a period of two years.

To talk about, learn the history of KSRTC, which forms some interesting reading in this portal. The history goes back to 1937 when the Travancore State Transport Department was constituted by the erstwhile Travancore Government with a view to reorganize the transport service of the state. EG Salter who was appointed as the Superintendent of the department himself drove the bus which was inaugurated by His Highness Sree Chithrathirunal. His Highness and his kin were the first passengers of the inauguration trip. The Government of Kerala formulated KSRTC rules in 1965 and the department was converted into an autonomous corporation in 1965.

History apart, KSRTC through this portal is planning to kick-off online ticket booking very soon. See through the bus fares of Kerala transport whether it is ordinary, fast passenger, super fast, super express, super deluxe and high-tech. At `FARES' you will get the old as well as the revised rates of Rate of Fares and the Minimum Fares of all the services with added information on the fares of yester years when chakram was the currency.

From `Financials' you will learn that KSRTC is an essential institutions that contributes a major share in the financial market of the state though the poor citizens of Kerala have to bear the heavy charges which is every year revised and thrust around their neck. The other areas covered in the site are future, keypeople, directory and depots.

KSRTC promises its consumers Safety, Comfort, Care and Economy through its service. Whether they succeed in this attempt of theirs or not, the portal is a good and a comprehensive site.