Kovair appoints Vedasoft Consulting as its first channel partner

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making its debut in India in

mid-2009, Kovair has finally appointed its first channel partner in

India to focus on building its market base here. Reaching onto an

agreement with Bangalore-based Vedasoft Consulting Services to

immediately start representing href="">Kovair

in the Indian market for the

sales and services for its entire product line, Kovair is now keenly

concentrating on expanding its product line.

style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial;">“ size="3">Vedasoft's

experience in dealing with some of the enterprise customers with SAP

solutions and their presence in key markets will add great value to

Kovair. We welcome our first such

partnership in India,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman, Kovair.

In the beginning, Kovair is keen on concentrating on the

metros and the developed cities with long-term strategic goals in

mind. With no previous records in branding despite it's presence in

Kolkata as a development facility, the company is now signaling its

aggressiveness in the Indian market. “We look forward

to a long-term relationship between Vedasoft and Kovair for continued

growth of our business in a key market such as India,” added Shah.

Our presence in

verticals such as manufacturing, IT, communications and education

should be of considerable value to Kovair in providing them a jump

start with these verticals,” said Vijay Talluru, CEO, Vedasoft

Consulting Services.


The company has already launched its

latest offering with the release of Kovair Software version Release

6.0 offering for both on-premise deployments as well as in SaaS mode.

The company wants to have a technological edge in the market over its

nearest competitors.

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the newer version strong in multi-browser support and enhanced UI

mode incorporating ease of navigation with on the fly configurations

and replacing ActiveX content by Flash and usage of Ajax to provide

the best interactivity for any browser-based applications available,

Kovair seems confident in penetrating the communications and

manufacturing vertical with its new venture with Vedasoft. size="3"> style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial;">

“After a review of the Kovair Solutions,

we were convinced that it is a great product for the market and we

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enthusiastic about investing our resources in promoting this product

line,” concluded Talluru.

style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial;">Its

premium product, Kovair Global Lifecycle, is a Web-based,

feature-rich, configurable, development platform with built-in

workflow and integration framework that offers a complete set of

integrated tools and processes for managing the entire life cycle.

With Kovair's Omniprocess, workflow automation technology, the

solution includes built-in software development life cycle-SDLC

applications like requirement management, issues management and total

ALM solutions.

style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial;">IT

service management applications include the service desk, incident

management, problem management and change management. Kovair's

integration infrastructure, Omnibus, Integration Bus Technology for

third-party tools provides customers with an extremely flexible and

globally integrated IT environment.