Konica Minolta helps Bengaluru-based Futura Infinite unlock advanced printing capabilities and higher profitability

Konica Minolta Business Solutions,  has recently installed the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S at the Bengaluru-based digital printing firm, Futura Infinite. The installation of the innovative UV coating and hot foiling solution has since helped the firm venture into new printing segments and offer its customer base a range of high-quality printing services to choose from.

Commenting on the installation, Deepak Boggaram, Director, Futura Infinite, Bangalore said, “The cutting-edge printing capabilities of the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS and IFOIL S offer advanced and seamless functionalities that have enabled us to carry out a whole new range of high-quality printing jobs. Moreover, the machine’s innovative 3D spot coating and hot foil stamping features have added considerably to our overall efficiency in specialized printing jobs, while its high output has augmented our productivity to a great extent. We are indeed thankful to Konica Minolta for its support during and after the installation process of the machine which enabled us to get the equipment up and running in no time.”

The JETVARNISH 3D and IFOIL S printer utilizes MGI’s patented inkjet and hot foil stamping technology to provide digital spot UV coating in plain 2D and 3D (with thickness of up to 200 microns) and embossed foil textured effects in one pass. The digital spot UV coating process is 100% variable data capable, with barcode reader options that enable custom spot varnished prints with unique graphics, text, and numeric data. With the new varnish formula in combination with the Konica Minolta print heads, users can create a 3D effect on laminated surfaces or on toner directly. The digitization of the spot UV finishing allows printing businesses to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it to produce sellable proofs, enabling customers to see, touch and feel the effect with various types of printing jobs.

Vijay Kamat, National Product Manager – Industrial Print, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, commented, “We are committed to identifying appropriate solutions to match our clients’ printing requirements and delivering the best-in-class printing technology to help them augment their production capabilities. We also provide them complete support throughout, to ensure seamless and sustainable production by helping them capitalize on the technology to grow and scale their business, enhance their productivity, and increase their profitability. We are extremely glad with the positive response from Futura Infinite, and are looking to help more printing businesses across the country with our innovative range of printing solutions.”

The smart combination of MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology with Konica Minolta’s Drop-on-Demand Piezoelectric print heads deliver the best-in-class quality to users for their printing jobs. The JETVARNISH 3DS HubManager allows users to follow multiple jobs, manage job queue, create job tickets, recall reprints and adjust their AIS Scanner in one simple and self-explaining tool. A powerful function allows businesses to easily export all their detailed production data on internal costs for analysis and reports. The Spot Varnish Editor is designed for editing job files on-the-fly. This gives customers the needed flexibility to adjust and modify their print jobs as and when needed to save on both time and costs. The Product Cost Analyzer can anticipate production cost to the tenth of a cent, enabling printing businesses to provide customers precise information on the costs per print job even before the job has been completed. In addition to this, the JETVARNISH 3DS is equipped with the AIS SmartScanner for automated sheet-to-sheet registration for easier tracking and reproduction.

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