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Kolkata streets running on Virtual Office

Need a plush office in less space in Kolkata. The option is Virtual office. Virtual office is in trends these days, it is an office space in the busiest area of ​​the city at very cheap cost. Barabazar in Kolkata is an example of virtual offices. Most of the startups are following this trend.

Multinational organization based out of Luxemburg has created virtual offices in 89 cities in India. Kolkata’s kyamakha Street, topasiao, Shakespeare Sarani and the Salt Lake 5 sectors have such offices. In this context Community Association Manager Aditya Roy said, “We are providing an air-conditioned lounge where numorous offices are opened on rental basis, with free WiFi. A single reception is present for all offices. For meeting purpose private cabins are available for free for the agencies. And there are various services which comes under virtual office.”

Even Clients coming from other countries could use virtual offices, however there is a separate cost for it. In addition, one has to give a short hike in rent for using conference rooms and video conferencing infrastructure. The same facilities in different sizes, including the Chamber has a chance to hire.

Aditya said, ‘In Kolkata there are around 500 agency offices. Our new fiscal plan is to open offices in two more locations in the city.”

Tapan Ghosh owner of an e-commerce company in Sector 5 ‘virtual office’ said, ‘I was the first to start business from home. But without a professional office infrastructure it was very uncomfortable meeting with clients. For small businesses, virtual office is very helpful”.

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