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Kodak Alaris Offers Greater Flexibility with New Software Subscription

Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business, is expanding its portfolio to provide several convenient and affordable new options for purchasing its award-winning information capture solutions. Alaris Capture Pro Software and Alaris Info Input Solution are now available as one-year subscriptions in addition to existing perpetual licensing options.

Affordability is the key benefit to customers. According to a survey conducted by IDC 1 , the acquisition cost of solutions is the largest hurdle for businesses to clear when automating document-based workflows. A subscription model offers a lower barrier to entry. Customers can pay as they go and align spending with usage of the software instead of investing in a large upfront capital purchase.

An added benefit is that subscription-based pricing gives customers the flexibility to scale up and down based on needs of the business. “Alaris is committed to support clients who choose traditional perpetual licenses as well as those who prefer a subscription-based model,” said Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager, Alaris, a Kodak Alaris Business.

Extending the advantage with Alaris Professional Services

Professional Services are designed to extend the advantage of owning a scanner from Alaris. Alaris analysts, consultants, and trainers have a wealth of image science expertise and are committed to delivering technical and operational support to help customers plan, upgrade and optimize their document capture solution.

Alaris Professional Services include:

 Technical Resources that deliver knowledge-based services such as scanner relocation, product installation and configuration.

 Higher order Technology Services such as IT Systems Diagnosis and Adoption Services that require specialized knowledge about capture systems, IT infrastructure and processes.

 Strategic Consultancy Services that deliver the “blue prints” for meaningful changes to the customer’s business environment through system integration plans and solution architecture.

 Tactical consultancy including Training and Optimization Services focused on improving operational efficiency and increasing productivity.

Alaris Professional Services are commercially available in the U.S. & Canada and EMEA regions now and will be available in other regions in the coming months.

Repair and Maintenance Services deliver productivity and peace of mind

Repair and maintenance service is one of Alaris’ distinct competitive advantages. The new service plans are tailored to maximize investment while providing customers with more clearly defined options so they can select (and pay for) precisely the level of service they need.

“Our field and remote service team is constantly training to address the needs of well over 100,000 Alaris and OEM scanners across the world,” said Lofstrom. “First-time fix rates greater than 91% means our image science experts not only fix it right, but do so with the minimum interruption to our customers’ business. Alaris is ISO-9001 certified and we only use genuine repair parts. Our unique ability to serve customers around the world with responsiveness, technical accuracy, and professionalism is unmatched in the industry.”

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