Kobian unfolds Mercury Carnival 2010

DQW Bureau
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has announced the Mercury

Carnival 2010. It aims to bring an array of schemes with rewards and

a lot of innovative programs for the channel fraternity. The scheme

will be valid from Feb 15 to Aug 15, with the aim of enriching the

'Mercury' experience for channel partners.

In the first phase of the event, which

is entitled the 1st Bonanza, partners in Kolkata and Delhi

can earn free tickets to IPL matches in their respective cities for

buying a certain number of Mercury motherboards. Furthermore, the

scheme will reward partners with other gifts like home theater

systems, TFT monitors etc, in other cities. “It is extremely

important to build a strong reward program for the channel partners.

Our last program 'Winter Sizzle Scheme' was a triumphant success and

we received a great response from B and C-class cities. This has

boosted our confidence and we are enthusiastic about bringing this

new season of 'Carnival' for our partners,” said Sushmita Das,

Country Manager, Kobian. “This is our way of reciprocating to the

commitment and support given by our partners to us,” she added.