KMC for banning online lottery

DQW Bureau
05 Jan 2005
New Update

Councillors of Kolkata Munici-pal Corporation (KMC) resolves to recommend a

ban on online lotteries. The unanimous voting took place during the monthly

meeting at the KMC House. The matter was raised in the form of an item on the

agenda thus,"The Mayor-in-Council observed that now various state

governments like Sikkim, Meghalaya etc have permitted running of such Online

lotteries. Thus in view of changed scenario and to bring all such Online lottery

shops under tax net, the Mayor-in-Council decided to revise the fee for Online

lottery". However, the mayor, later on reacting to the MiC resolution to

charge Rs 3,000 per annum per machine as amusement tax in place of Rs 15,000

from April 1, 2004 with retrospective effect, said he had no other alternative

than to reduce the charges.

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