Kingston Technology rolls out SSD Education Initiative

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Technology recently rolled out

a multi-level education initiative to kick-start rapid adoption of

its SSD drives, amongst corporate and end-consumers, in India. As a

first step, the company conducted a corporate education program at

Bengaluru, where IT heads from more than 20 leading corporate houses

were invited to a detailed demonstration of Kingston SSD

applications, its benefits and were given away free units of Kingston

V+100 96GB SSD's for testing in their own environment.

Kingston Solid State Drive (SSD) is a

non-volatile, flash-based data storage solution that offers an

alternative to the traditional hard disk drive (HDD). SSDs are

extremely stable and durable under rugged conditions. In contrast,

HDDs have moving parts, which translate into increased probability of

mechanical failures and vulnerability to excessive shock and

vibration. SSDs offer several advantages over hard disk drives in the

areas of performance, reliability, power consumption and durability.

From an economic standpoint, the HDD may appear to be a more

cost-effective option because of its price tag. However, when

assessing the total cost of ownership (TCO), some environments would

prove SSD to be a more practical and advantageous data storage



Going forward, Kingston has also drawn

up an array of marketing programs to educate the storage reseller/SI

channel and enterprise customers, across the country, to educate them

about using Kingston SSDs as an ideal solution for:

  • Extending life of

    desktops/notebooks-Kingston SSDNow V100 is perfect for home users,

    freelance designers and photographers, video editors, researchers,

    administrators and educators, and anyone who travels for their job. It

    is built with no moving parts to provide durability and reliability and

    meet the needs of professionals in the office or on the road.

  • Video on Demand-While video is

    sequential, large reads where HDDs would be strongly recommended is now

    affected by Video on Demand (VoD). VoD may have multiple sources

    attempting to access a single file simultaneously. SSDs offer

    significant advantages here due to low latency and higher I/O speeds.

  • Incorporation of Enterprise SSDs

    into Storage architecture - The incorporation of Kingston SSDs into

    enterprise storage architecture will enable the IT managers to meet the

    high performance requirements for virtualization and cloud computing.

SSDNow V Series are a perfect
replacement for hard drives resulting in faster, more reliable

performance in laptops. SSDNow uses a standard SATA interface but,

unlike a regular HDD, is very rugged and built with no moving parts,

making it ideal for power users and road warriors who push the limits

of their notebooks. Other benefits include reduced power usage, less

noise and less heat generation.

“SSDs outscore HDD in speed and

reliability by a wide margin,” said Nidhi Sethi, sales director,

flash memory, Kingston India. “But the real barrier is the lack of

consumer awareness, especially amongst corporates, on where to apply

SSD drives in their IT environments. Our aim, through this

multi-level campaign, is to educate target audiences on multiple SSD

applications in modern day IT environments and to drive rapid

adoption,” Sethi added.