Kingston predicts six percent growth in SSD business

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one of the

leading designers and producers of memory products for desktops,

laptops, servers, as well as flash memory products, is focusing on

solid-state drives (SSDs), and is optimistic about its market

opportunities. With a focus on SSD business, the company has also

extended its reach and has partnered with Neoteric Infomatique for

its national distribution. The company is expected to penetrate into

tier-2 and tier-3 cities through this strategic partnership.

Speaking to The DQ

, Nidhi Sethi, Sales Director-APAC Business Division, India

said, that SSD is the new trend, and it is expected to replace hard

drives. “We are coming up in a big way in the SSD market, and are

looking at SI partners. India is a price-sensitive market, and as of

now we do not have any organized channel for this business,” she

said. Speaking on SSD benefits, Sethi said,"It offers faster

speed, saves energy and facilitates reliable data.”

The company operates

through four NDs, including Compuage, Avnet and Sreepati Computers,

and has close to 15 SI partners.

Kingston offers a complete

range of SSDs for servers, workstations, desktops and laptops, and

serves system builders, consumers, enterprises and SMBs. With SSD

range, the company is aiming to garner growth and achieve the

leadership position in Indian market. Neoteric has been already

driving Kingston's DRAM business. Kingston is projecting a six

percent growth in SSD business by December, 2011.