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Keyskin Available Free of Cost with Certain Purchases

Ranjit Nagar Commercial Complex, New Delhi-based Compucover East, which manufactures advanced grade keyboard protectors, has made it available free of cost with certain purchases. Keyskin is available in regular and Antimicrobial (Anti-Bacterial +Antiviral) finish. It can also be customised as per the client’s requirements and can design and develop it for any equipment with keys.

Manoj Khanna, Director, Compucover East says, “Keyskin can be available to you for free if you incorporate it in your tender specifications while buying computers. You can buy them individually or in kit form, consisting of dust-cover for computer with our keyboard guard in several sets.”

Compucover East also sells computers, including laptops and notebooks for all segments, in addition to printing and imaging devices and accessories.

The manufacturer says that this product protects your expensive computer keyboards from dust, grease, grime, liquids, staples, scratches etc., while you are working on them. You don’t need to remove this protector while working on your keyboards.

This keyboard protector is compatible with most prominent keyboard brands, such as those from Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus and many more. It’s also available as a protective guard for the other gadgets such as Card Swipe Machine, tablets etc.

It has a protective film which is silver-coated and protects against all kinds of damages from liquid spill, dust, bacteria and pollution.

The prospective clients can visit the Compucover East store in Ranjit Nagar Commercial Complex, New Delhi and discuss the order prospects.

The keyboard guards are available online at very low cost, but the manufacturers of Keyskin emphasise that their product is made of sturdier material and is more effective in protecting against harmful elements.

Laptops which are essential commodities for office workers, students, researchers and online sellers, can stop functioning if liquid such as tea, coffee or water falls on the keyboard. There is no repair possible for this and the entire keyboard and the motherboard have to be changed. The laptop never really works in the same manner again. Hence, it’s essential to protect the keyboard against mishaps, dust, germs and pollution.

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