Kerala partners have issues, waiting for new Govt to act

Anushruti Singh
27 May 2016
Kerala partners have issues, waiting for new Govt to act

Elections are over in Kerala. Out of 140 seats, majority win goes to CPI(M) with 58 seats. CPI(M) Pinarayi Vijayan sworn in as new CM. Keralite IT partners are patiently waiting for new Govt to take actions in IT sector and are willing to give time. Here are some reactions of IT partners catched on telephonic chat.

While James Joseph of All Kerala IT Dealers Association said, “We expect growth in IT market but we can’t say what new Govt. is going to do for us, so we are looking forward.”

Gelix George of Digital World, Thrissur said, “New Govt has come but we need some time, then we will score a demand or take some action, as it is too early to comment, but, we have lot of issues, not only regarding state Govt, but also we have various issues which are needed to address.”

Guru Infosys owner Baijlesh Krishna of Kottayam is expecting Govt to give a solution to online issue, he said,”we welcome new Govt, and we are looking forward to see what steps they will take for IT sector, we expect that Govt will take a look on Online issue we are having as our offline business is badly effected.”

Some IT partners are doing business peacefully and are satisfied with what market is offering them. Venugopal of Indicom Systems, Thiruvananthapuram said “Right now it is difficult to say anything as new Govt will start working, we have to give them some time”

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