Keep track of ‘Internet time’ with .beat from Swatch

DQW News Bureau
New Delhi

Swatch, the flagship brand of the $ 3.5 billion Swatch Group, has launched its .beat range of watches in India, introducing the concept of Internet time. Created by Swatch Ltd, this concept of time is the first step in introducing one world online time zone. Partially disregarding conventional time zones and geographical borders, Swatch’s Internet Time measures a 24-hour day in 1,000 ‘beats’, enabling users to watch the clock on a common platform. Swatch .beat, the cyber watch, displays both the ‘beats’ as well as local time on luminous dials. 

This new global concept of time created by Swatch divides up the virtual and real day into 1,000 ‘beats’. One Swatch ‘beat’ is the equivalent of 1 minute 26.4 seconds, which translates 12 noon BMT (Biel Mean Time) in Biel, Switzerland, in the old time system, into the equivalent of @500 beats. A surfer in Bangalore will know that it is @500 Beats in Prague or Colorado, since Internet Time is the same worldwide. In commercial conferencing or friendly chats, the Swatch Internet Time .beat watches informs all involved parties, across different time zones, exactly what time to log on without confusion over time zones.

Deepa Chatrath, Regional Marketing Manager, Swatch, South Asia, said, “The concept of Swatch Internet Time has already given a single, global time-zone for the entire cyber community. As India is among the leaders in the IT revolution, the market potential is immense for the .beat. It is not only a revolutionary product in conceptualizing time, it is a digital watch with an international soul.”

Swatch Internet Time is available in the .beat Alumini and plastic watch ranges. The .beat Alumini is an add-on to the internationally established Alumini collection. With its Internet Date and Internet Alarm, it’s a timepiece geared for the Generation E. 

“With e-commerce growing at a phenomenal pace, Swatch Internet Time can ensure that a car-rental company in New Delhi can cater to its international passengers by transcending time-zone differences. This is just one use of this sensational concept that is now available in India,” Chatrath added. The Swatch Internet Time software may be downloaded from In India, the Swatch Plastic .beat range has introduced the Netsurfer, Download, Provider, Net-Time, and Site watch models, while the Alumini .beat range offers the Floating Dot and Webstream models. In addition to the Internet Time, Internet Alarm and Internet Date, the product simultaneously indicates current time in two zones, allows split second timing of any

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