Kedia to pen a translation book

DQW Bureau
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Jaipur-based Rupesh Kedia of Computer Supermarket has decided to expand his

interests wider. And we are not talking in terms of business here. Instead, he

has decided to pen a book. And this will not be a run of a mill fictional

creation or even a book on business management. Rather, he is working on a

language translation book!

Since Kedia has a manufacturing facility in China and travels there

extensively, he has picked up the language. And he is also aware how visitors to

that country face language barriers. Therefore, he is coming out with a

translation book, which will have words translated in English, Chinese and


"There will be three columns for the same word and a reader will be able

to make sense of each word in their language. This will be a godsend for many

people, as the Chinese are not conversant with any other language other than

their own," said Kedia. He has already finished a few chapters and hopes to

release his book by 2007.


Besides China, Kedia has his businesses in Dubai and Nepal. He is now

starting operations in Australia by setting up an office there. "Once we

start our business there, we will build up the channel slowly," he claimed.

Kedia had started manufacturing operations in India as well by setting up

three facilities in Rajasthan. He sold one off. And the other two are

loss-making units, costing an outflow of Rs 3 lakh each. At the moment, no

manufacturing activities are undertaken in both these factories, though they are

fully functional.

When asked whether he plans to sell these two factories, he replied in the

negative. He has hopes that manufacturing will take off in India soon.

"Currently, labor costs in India and China are at par. But it is increasing

in China, so in the future, it be more viable to manufacture in India. Also,

maybe the governmental policies will also become friendlier for

manufacturers," he forecasts.

Vinita Bhatia