KCIS INDIA resolves RMA issue with Qnap Systems

It took almost 5 months for KCIS INDIA to get the replacement on the faulted NAS box. Due to this delay, KCIS eceived lots of flake from its one of the important export house customers.

New Update

The RMA dispute between Qnap Systems and Delhi based KCIS, system


integrator for Qnap, has reached to amicable agreement. It has been

learnt, it took almost 5 months for KCIS to get the replacement on the

faulted box. Due to this delay, KCIS received lots of flake from its one


of the important export house customers.

In a recent email sent to KCIS, Sanjay Biswal of Qnap wrote, "RIL was

carrying some aging material since a long and SOP of Qnap. Hence the


replacement has been taken care by the actual distributor (RIL) who


imports the material from Qnap. So the first level of support ,

replacement has to be taken care by RIL only. With your 'RIL invoice

copy', we will fight with RIL for replacement or repair of faulted NAS box."


Chanchal Deshwal, CEO, KCIS INDIA said, "The issue with Qnap has been settled after so much of back and forth with the vendor and its national

distributor-Redington. Eventually, the company replaced the box with a

demo unit. We had been demanding Qnap to replace the box which was in


warranty. He were very cooperative with the vendor and also sent the

material to Bengaluru on our own expense."


The company also requested Qnap to give one box from stock as  replacement for the Customer Box ASAP as customer was waiting for NAS from long time.

"The situation reached at this level, when we threatened Qnap to take

help of the consumer or civil court and also highlighted the mental

harassment that happened to us as well as to our customer. This is

enough now, this is almost 5 months. We were just struggling for repair

of QNAP NAS Box, first with its national distributor Redignton and then

with the company. QNAP was not sure of who will take the responsibility

of RMA. Despite the fact that we had shared all the documents and the

invoice copy twice to prove that box was in warranty. But the situation

worsened, when we got the box and the two disks in damaged condition

from Qnap's Bengaluru team," highlighted Deshwal.

Deshwal also added, "We are quite dissatisfied with our experience with

Qnap, and faced so much of customer harassment. Because of Qnap we have already lost one of our customers Taffles, and even 60+ export and

import houses working with it."