Kaspersky Leaves Few Partners Unhappy

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Recently, href="">Kaspersky


announced the launch of their anti-virus software PURE, a corporate

product line for business customers. Along with it they also

announced the names of the four new national distributors for its

enterprise business in India. The announcement also meant that they

terminated the contract with their Hyderabad-based distributor Zoom


When The DQ Week

questioned Zoom about the termination, MH Noble, MD, Zoom said, “Zoom

launched Kaspersky in India five years ago, because Kaspersky wanted

penetration in the Indian market. We made them understand that the

price offered, has to be affordable for the Indian consumers.

Accordingly the product was priced low. In spite of this original

understanding, Kaspersky hiked their prices from Rs 200 to Rs 1,000

in five years. I always wanted to deliver good quality products to my

consumer at an affordable price. Kaspersky fell back on the

commitment made by them to us by hiking the price steeply. When we

protested, initially Kaspersky stopped supplying to us and then

terminated our Distributor Agreement, even though the agreement was

valid upto December 2010.”


Ramesh Kotni of Tracker

Solution, another partner from Delhi who was a distributor for

Kaspersky's Internet security products for the past three years,

claims his contract too was subsequently terminated.“Once they

terminated Zoom, they partnered with Sakri which created a new

channel base. They did not go through the old channels with whom they

had done with good volume of business” said Kotnis.


Kaspersky had signed Zoom

to sell their total Internet Security in India every month through

retail channels five years ago. Though the termination has been done

more than four months, the question that arises is, whether or not it

was too abrupt a step by Kaspersky, considering that Zoom is also

partially responsible for the success of its Kaspersky products in

the Indian market, as verified by the partner community.

Also, Mumbai-based TAG

claimed that, Kaspersky had never informed them about the termination

of Zoom. “We did business with Kaspersky from August 2009- January

2010 and were associated with Zoom for the sales of the product. We

were surprised when we came to know that we had to work for Sakri,

who was appointed by Kaspersky. In fact, being a small company we

have eight to nine branches; unlike Sakri which had none. And we were

officially never informed by Kaspersky about the termination of

Zoom,” said Vikas Gupta, Proprietor, TAG.


It seems that this

termination was quite unexpected since Zoom was equally responsible

for the launch of Kaspersky products; moreover they had to bear the

brunt of the confusion due to the unexpected termination in the end.

Add to this, the track

record of Kaspersky products has not always been faultless. Kaspersky

had deployed their anti-virus solution at the Indian Railways three

years ago, which has now been replaced by an alternative product.

Apparently Indian Railways did not go for the renewal of Kaspersky

anti-virus because of performance issues. According to industry

sources, a few other Kaspersky renewals too are not happening, with

the organizations going for other international products. In Mumbai,

many universities and other corporates too are contemplating to shift

from Kaspersky to other vendors. When The DQ Week tried contacting

Kaspersky, it was informed that the spokesperson was busy and could

not respond.