Karnataka to launch B-SAT program

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After handling a dry run at the BPO pavilion at the recently concluded

Bangalore IT.COM, Karnataka is all set to launch a state wide B-SAT (BPO Skills

Assessment Test) late this month, starting with Mysore.

Speaking exclusively to CyberMedia News, Jawaid Akhtar, Director, Government

of Karnataka department of IT and BT said, "We are happy with the pilot

project at IT.Com and will be conducting our first functional B-SAT camp in

Mysore this month."

The B-SAT program is expe-cted to cover other cities in Karnataka like Hubli,

Manga-lore Dharwar, Belgaum, Hassan and Gulbarga. An initiative of the Board for

IT Education Standards (BITES), ministry of IT, B-SAT checks candidate's

skills in oral and written comm-unication, listening compre-hension, numerical

aptitude, analytical and reasoning abilities.


At IT.COM 2004, two asse-ssment companies-MeriTrac Services and Eduquity

Career Technologies, handled the BPO career mart. Madan Padaki, Director,

MeriTrac said, "We tested around 500 students at IT.COM who paid a nominal

fee to take the test of 90 minutes duration.

We will get back to them and depending on their scores, tell them in which

areas they would have to improve."

Neighboring states like Kerala and Andhra Pradesh have also embarked on a

similar initia-tive. According to Akhtar, once the trainable pools of candi-dates

are identified following the assessments, member companies associated with the

program would provide inputs on training.

Padaki is confident that MeriTrac would be selected as an assessment partner

for the B-SAT program for the state.

Priya Padmanabhan