KARNAL: A blooming IT territory 

Karnal, a city in east central Haryana, lies along the West Bank of the Yamuna River and is just east of the western Yamuna canal. The name is said to be derived from that of Karna, a warrior in the ancient epic the Mahabharata and the town’s legendary founder. 

The city of Karnal said to have been founded by Raja Karna, of the Mahabharta fame, sprang into prominence in 1739 AD when Nadir Shah defeated Muhammad Shah at Karnal. Raja Gopal Singh of Jind seized Karnal in 1863 AD and the Marathas established themselves at Karnal in 1785 AD.

It was captured by the British in 1805 AD and made over to Muhamdi Khan (Mandal). On Karnal’s being formed into a British cantonment, the fort which had been built by Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind, was taken over by the British and converted into a residence for Dost Muhammad Khan Amir of Kabul. The fort was used as a jail, as quarters for native cavalry and as poor house. In 1862, it was made over to the education department, when the district school was moved into it from the city.

Karnal is well connected with the other Indian cities by rail. It has many tourist attractions.

District Informatics Officer 
NIC Computer Cell
C/o District Collector/DM 

Karnal is a market for cotton, salt, wheat and metal. It is a cattle-breeding center and the site of the National Dairy Research Institute. There are manufactures in vegetable oil, perfume and liquor.

There are many small scale industries in the Karnal district providing employment to many people and producing various types of goods such as agricultural implements, electronic motors, submersible pumps, welding electrodes, card board/mill board, paints, edible and non-edible oils, leather and non-leather footwear, rubber hawaii chapels, pressure cookers, kitchen cutlery, finished leather, life saving medicines, wheat products, wooden & steel furniture, rice, milk products, wire netting, washing soap etc.

The Karnal district is famous for its agricultural implements, as these are popular through out the country. The small-scale units of Karnal district meet about 90 percent of the requirement of the whole country for various types of power driven and bullock driven agricultural implements. There are many Rice Shellers producing coarse rice, basmati rice and parboiled rice.

The district exports large quantities of rice every year. 

Karnal is also famous for its leather shoes and the Liberty Group is pioneer in this industry at Karnal. Shoes and shoe uppers manufactured by Liberty Group are being exported to various countries such as Hungry, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Greece. Karnal is not lagging behind as far as exports are concerned at present the following units are exporting their products.

The IT market in Karnal is blooming currently as the demand for computers increase. The assembled and branded PC’s are doing equally well. The government sector in Karnal is doing very well. All the other sectors are doing relatively well. There exist 72 channel partners in the city which share healthy competition among themselves. 

Major industries

  • Liberty Shoes Ltd 
  • Liberty Footwear Company-
  • Liberty Enterprises-
  • Lifo International
  • Liberty Tanners 
  • Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd 
  • United Rice Land Ltd 
  • Modern Dairies Ltd 
  • United Exports 
  • Karnal Co-op Sugar Mills Ltd 
  • Indian Botling Plant 
  • AV Cottex Ltd 
  • Liberty Group Marketing Division 
  • Piccadilly Agro. Industries, Ltd 
  • Mishan Flora India Ltd

Major Resellers

Kaizen Computers P Ltd.

38/4b S-3 2nd Floor.
Friends Center. Opp. Ispat Bhavan
Sanjay Place, Agra 282002
Tel: 2352817

Mohans Warehouse

Block No. 25/20,UG,
Sanjay Place
Agra 282002
Tel: 2356382
Fax: 2350372

Ramesh Infotech
Netcity, E-759
Kamla Nagar
Agra 282005
Tel: 2580800

Vidur & Co. Pvt Ltd
35/F2, Sanjay Place
Opp. Bharat Petroleum Office
Tel: 2520096/2158413
Fax: 2520096
E-Mail: saksham4@sancharnet.in

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